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To change or to accept? That is the question…

A friend of mine has been having major issues with her daughter. Any of us who are parents can sympathize. This young woman (the daughter, not my friend who, unfortunately, is as middle aged as I am!) has set her

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My childhood friend

I find the concept of imaginary childhood friends fascinating. I love reading about them. The need for creating a fictional character with whom you can have lengthy conversations and special experiences enthralls me. It points to the fact that human

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Karmic connection

I met one of my dearest friends in the fifth grade. Even though she still lives in India we have managed to stay close. Whenever we meet it is like all the time we spent apart just melts away. I

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The daughters of Saraswati

I recently went for a viewing of the film Girl Rising. It is an inspiring documentary (that everybody should see!) about nine brave young women from different parts of the world. The way these intelligent girls struggle to get an

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October 2021

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