Karmic connection

I met one of my dearest friends in the fifth grade. Even though she still lives in India we have managed to stay close. Whenever we meet it is like all the time we spent apart just melts away. I know that there are innumerable people who feel the same way about certain relationships. There are times when we form an instant bond with another human being that is really difficult to describe.

This is what I call a karmic connection.

Many Hindus would explain this bond by using the theories of karma and reincarnation. Reincarnation is a relatively common Hindu belief. Simply put, this means that we have lived more than one life already, and, that we have many more still to live. The end goal is to become perfect souls. Then, we will attain freedom or moksha from this cycle of birth and rebirth. The best way to do this is by working thru all our karmas.

Karma, when used in this context, signifies that we have certain lessons which we have to learn in order to attain moksha. This usually involves interacting with other people. Oftentimes, you are reborn with the same souls because you still have some give and/or take with them. This is why we are drawn to certain people, or alternatively, why we are unreasonably repulsed by others.

Even though I have grown up with these theories there are times when certain occurrences amaze me. For instance, when I keep encountering the same personality traits in the friends I make, in every stage of my life. Logically, I know that there is something about this particular personality trait that I have to learn from. But yet, I am surprised. Similarly, I find it fascinating that certain people are physically and emotionally attracted to the same kind of person, no matter that these relationships always end in tears.

But nothing has surprised me more than my friend in India. At three different times in my life, this friend has rung me up frantically from Mumbai. Each time I have been in a bad way and she has instinctively known. The first words out of her mouth after greeting me are, “What is wrong? Is everything alright?” Every time I have asked her how she knew that I was upset when she lived thousands of miles away. Her response has always been the same. “I just knew something was wrong, every fiber in my being was telling me to reach out to you. I’m so glad I did.”

So was I.

I do not have any way to explain these incidents other than with the theories of karma and reincarnation. In some way my friend and I are linked. We did not grow up in the same home. We do not share any blood. We have been apart for more years than we were together. Yet, she has always been there in my hour of need. What else can this be but a sweet karmic connection?


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16 comments on “Karmic connection
  1. Shakun says:

    I had an experience a few days ago. I called a young dear one. She started to sob and was hvg a rough time and had prayed for guidance. I advised , she followed it and things miraculously turned out alright . She has put me on a pedestal but honestly, it is her faith . But karmic connection yes yes yes

  2. Nikki says:

    So TRUE!!!
    Special relationships come from Heaven!!
    I am Blessed too!
    Thank you for your Karmic connection with me Nandini!!
    Love ya!!

  3. Very nice story to read. Friends for life.

  4. very nice to read. Friends for life

  5. Simran Mahtani says:

    I know what you mean, too. I have, by your own admission, a karmic friend of my own. Sometimes you meet people and you just know you are going to be friends, even though you know nothing about the person and have no reason whatsoever to approach them. It just happens.

  6. Shiksha Mahtani says:

    The idea of having karmic connection with someone is truly a lovely one.. i only wish that I can have something as beautiful as you do when I am older. I think it is too early to tell with my friends.. I guess we will see!

  7. surama says:

    To respond to your theory of birth and rebirth Mihika, I am totally with you! If you have read “Many Lives,Many Masters” written by Dr. Brian Weiss, you would feel even more convinced in terms that the soul has to keep coming back, wrapped in a different outfit, in different circumstances, different places for each life but yet somehow to reconnect with people from some of the past lives – to conquer what the soul has not been able to yet! Moksha comes when ALL emotions have been mastered, perhaps all fears and misgivings understood! Soul can achieve freedom to be by itself without the worldly attachments and the five elements (The body) through which the soul remains connected to the earth! Once Moksha is achieved then the soul is cosmic and pure!
    By that token, I believe that every person enters your life for a reason! Some seem more Karmic probably due to something special in a previous life…

    • onehindu says:

      You are absolutely right Surama. I love the book Many Lives Many Masters – it’s one of my favorites. I cannot imagine living my life without karma theory too 🙂

  8. athenenoelle says:

    Very nicely put, both the positive aspects of having a karmic connection with someone, and attracting or being attracted to the same type of person who only ends up causing you pain until you learn the lesson. This is very good piece. Thank you!

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